Business Survey

Our Business Survey helps us understand the issues that businesses in Denbighshire face and find ways that we can help. 

Taking part in the Business Survey is not available at the moment.
The Business Survey will be available again in 2019.

Survey results

Your view really does matter.

Business survey results 2018

Businesses in Denbighshire have given their verdict on the county’s economy.

Despite a difficult trading environment affecting town centres across the UK and uncertainty over Brexit, the county’s traders are remaining positive according to Denbighshire County Council’s 2018 Business Survey.

More than 430 respondents took part in the annual survey, conducted by the Economic and Business Development Team, which helps inform the Council’s March for Business month.

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business survey results 2018

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With the information provided in the 2015 survey, we developed the March for Business events to provide advice and support where businesses said they needed it most.

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