Covid-19 -Town Centre Support

The Council has set up a Task Group to look at ways of assisting town centres to continue operating during these times.

Representatives from a number of council services are working closely with town councils and business groups to look at ways of supporting town centres as the restrictions on lockdown are lifted to allow non - essential retail businesses to open.

The Council will have staff working in town centres, with a role to specifically work with local businesses to assist in the re-introduction of services.

Our staff will provide advice and guidance, as well as looking at practical ways of assisting, such as the production of posters and signage.

They will work with businesses to comply with the current social distancing and hygiene regulations.

The team will also be speaking with visitors to the town centre about their experiences of shopping locally, whether they feel safe and their reasons for visit. The information gathered will help the Council to plan its activities and to work with partners to see what can be done to provide additional support.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Government has produced guidance and templates for businesses:

Workplace guidance for employers and employees: COVID19 (Welsh Government)