Business Development Grant

Our Business Development Grant enables businesses to purchase items that will assist with their start or their growth. It is to assist those businesses to carry out their project idea where there is no alternative finance available.

Please ensure you have read our information guide.

Applying for the business development grant is unavailable at the moment because all funding has been allocated.

How much can be awarded?

Grants of between £500 and £10,000 can be awarded based on 50% of the total project cost with a cap of £3,000 applied to applications for marketing based items.

Who can apply?

New and Existing businesses throughout Denbighshire can apply for this fund who fall under one or more of the following sectors and whose annual turnover does not exceed £500,000:

  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism (Activity, Hospitality & Accommodation)
  • Food & Drink Producers
  • Science & Opto-electronics
  • Retail (where there is no direct competition)