Grants available

There are a number of organisations and schemes that can offer funding to businesses. 

Business Development Grant

Our Business Development Grant enables businesses to purchase items that will assist with their start or their growth. It is to assist those businesses to carry out their project idea where there is no alternative finance available.
Find out more about our Business Development Grant.

Development Bank of Wales

The Development Bank of Wales helps businesses get the capital they need to start up, strengthen and grow. Businesses can get loans and investment from £1,000 up to £5million. Find out if you’re eligible at

Tourism Investment Support Scheme (TISS)

The TISS offers support for new and existing tourism businesses to upgrade the quality of facilities available and to increase capacity.
Find out more about the TISS 

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC)

The DVSC offers funding for community projects and support for social enterprises.
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Cadwyn Clwyd

Cadwyn Clwyd is a Rural Development Agency that provides guidance and support for the rural economy and have various projects to support growth and development.
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Business Wales

Business Wales is the Welsh Government's support service for businesses and provides a wide range of support and advice for new and existing businesses throughout Wales.
Find out more about Business Wales