Best Bar None

Best Bar None (BBN) is an Accreditation Scheme which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises.

The scheme looks at a minimum standard for a licensed premise and centres on areas such as:

  • prevention of crime & disorder
  • public safety
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • protection of children from harm      
  • social responsibility
  • safeguarding & vulnerability
  • training

Any licensed premises can apply for the BBN scheme.

During this first year we will be concentrating on pubs and night clubs in Rhyl to support wider strategic plans for the area.

Benefits of BBN

Taking part in the BBN scheme will help you and your team:

  • understand and demonstrate the policies, due diligence and procedures
  • review your policies, procedures and systems in a positive way
  • receive training in areas such as the Award for Personal License Holders (APLH)
  • uplift the standard that all venues are operating at, and as such the overall reputation of the night time economy is enhanced
  • share best practice and review your business practices and staff training
  • meet and talk to people that you wouldn't normally have access to
  • keep on the lookout for new innovative ideas to improve your business and create healthy competition between venues
  • operate to a high standards with well thought out risk strategies and a genuine regard for the well being of all staff and customers
  • build good working relationships with police and local authorities
  • by promoting a responsible side to an industry which is often dogged by blame and bad publicity
  • Increase footfall to businesses by creating a safe night time economy and neighbourhood where people are more inclined to visit, thus also increasing turnover
  • receive valuable commendation that praises high standards and boosts morale
  • getting customer recommendations which gives others confidence as they are recommending somewhere safe
  • possibly receive a reduction in Public Liability Insurance

How to apply for the BBN scheme

You can apply online for the BBN scheme.

Apply online for the BBN scheme

What happens after applying?

After applying, your premises are visited by assessors who undertake a more in-depth assessment which follows specific guidance and scoring matrix. 

Following the assessment, premises are marked and ranked in order of scores alongside other similar premises. 

If a premises meets the minimum standard set by the assessors they are then awarded Best Bar None accreditation and will be able to display signs outside and inside their premises.  All accredited premise will be promoted through the BBN and partner organisation’s websites and social media.

BBN awards

There will be an Awards event to reward participants in the scheme and further promote the BBN principles in the local area. 

The highest ranked premises in each category are put forward to be judged for the overall 'Best Bar None Awards'.

The judging process will involve a wider group of local opinion formers and members of the local community such as :

  • local MPs or councillors
  • prominent police officers
  • sponsors of the scheme
  • representatives from licensed trade bodies
  • local authority representatives
  • the local media.
More information about the BBN awards will be available soon