Street collections

If you want to collect money or sell items on the street for the benefit of a charity, you will need a street collection licence.

It’s a common misconception that you do not need a permit if you are collecting money on private property. You still need a street collection permit if public access to the area where you are collecting is not restricted. This includes public spaces such as parks and shop doorways.

Only one street collection is permitted in each town or community each week. Societies may only carry out one collection in each town or community in a twelve month period.

We recommend that you contact us directly on 01824 706311 to provisionally reserve a date to carry out your collection, before you apply for a street collection licence.

How do I apply for this licence?

The quickest and easiest way to get a street collection licence is to apply online.

If we have not granted your organisation a street collection licence before, you must also provide these documents with your application:

  • a copy of the organisation’s constitution
  • a copy of the organisation’s latest audited accounts 
  • details of any previous collections carried out by the organisation (if any)

You must apply for a licence at least one month before the date of the proposed collection.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for a street collection licence.

Returns forms

After you have carried out your street collection, you must complete a returns form. This gives details of the people who took part in the collection, the amount of money collected, and any expenses incurred.

When you’ve completed the form, return it to:

Russell House
Churton Road
Rhyl  LL18 3DP