Commuted Sums

A Commuted Sum is a payment by developers to a local authority when it is not appropriate to provide the required outdoor open space during a development. The funds are held specifically for the enhancement of open spaces and play areas, and are often used for the same town or community council from where they came. However, in some circumstances, the funds can be used for nearby towns or community councils in Denbighshire. 

There are no commuted sums available at the moment.

Who can apply for funding?

You can apply for funding if you are one of the following;

  • A Town or Community Council
  • A Community or Voluntary Group/Organisation.
  • A Public/Private partnership.

What type of projects would be eligible for funding?

The funds can be used to improve or lay out open spaces/play areas. Projects can include:

  • Improving accessibility to facilities
  • Upgrading facilities
  • Providing drainage or surface works
  • Providing fencing and lighting works
  • Providing changing facilities
  • Providing car parking

Funding is not available for:

  • Maintenance of existing open spaces
  • Providing indoor sports facilities
  • Professional clubs

You can get details of the specific kinds of projects that can be supported, and the assessment criteria for applications, in our guidance document.

Commuted Sums guidance

How to apply

Details of how to apply will be added here when funding is available.