Superfast broadband alternatives

ADSL Broadband

If you have a phone in your property you will probably also be able to get ADSL broadband through your existing phone line. You can check your telephone line's ability to receive Broadband services using BT's broadband availability checker.

Mobile phone Broadband - 4G

If you access the Internet primarily from your phone or laptop, mobile broadband via 4G networks is worth considering. 4G is delivered through your mobile phone signal and is the fourth generation of mobile phone technology, following on from 2G and 3G.

4G is ideally suited for services which demand more capacity like video streaming, mapping and social networking sites. Typically, download speeds of initial 4G networks could be around 5-7 times those for existing 3G networks.

If you receive a good mobile phone signal at your property, you could connect to the Internet by using a dongle (or a SIM if using a tablet). The dongle plugs into the USB connection on your computer and a SIM is inserted into your tablet.

Check the coverage in your area by using Ofcom's mobile broadband coverage checker (external website).

USB dongle

A USB Dongle is ideal for connecting your laptop to the Internet. A mobile broadband dongle plugs into your laptop and allows you to access the Web via the 3G / 4G network.

SIM cards

SIM cards are ideal for connecting your tablet to the Internet. Many broadband providers now offer affordable SIM only Internet plans.

Wireless mobile broadband (Mi-fi)

Wireless mobile Wi-fi (also known as Mi-fi) is a small wireless device that allows you to create your own Wi-fi hotspot wherever you need it. It is ideal for connecting your wireless devices (tablets etc.)

Satellite broadband

In most cases, households will be able to get satellite broadband. You will need a satellite dish installed, dishes are normally set up by the satellite internet service provider you decide to use as part of the installation fee. However, there may be a slight delay in receiving some information and satellite broadband can also be affected by the weather.

Wi-fi boosters

Wi-fi range extenders (also called Wi-fi boosters) are an affordable way of boosting the existing Wi-fi in your home by receiving the existing wireless signals from your router and repeating (boosting) them to provide a stronger signal to a wider area in your home or business.

Wi-fi boosters won't improve your overall network speed, however they are the simplest and usually most affordable solution for strengthening a Wi-fi signal.