Restrictions Business Fund (Discretionary Grant) Application

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  • The Welsh Government has launched the Restrictions Business Fund to support businesses and sole traders that have been directly impacted by the additional restrictions put in place to control the spread of Covid-19 introduced during December 2020 (from the 4th for hospitality and some other sectors and more broadly from the 19th). The purpose of the grant is to provide businesses with cash flow support and to help them survive the economic consequences of the restrictions introduced. The grant seeks to complement other Covid-19 response measures to support businesses, social enterprises and charitable organisations in Wales.

    A discretionary grant of £2,000 is available to assist businesses that have:

    • Been forced or required to close as a result of the national restrictions that were introduced during December 2020
    • Or are able to demonstrate that the latest restrictions put in place will result in at least a 40% reduction in their estimated turnover during the December 2020 to January 2021 period as compared to the December 2019 to January 2020 period (or September 2020 turnover if not trading in December 2019)

    You are not eligible for this grant if:

    • You are eligible for, or have received, the Restrictions Business Fund NDR Grant from your Local Authority
    • You are eligible for, or have received, the ERF Sector Specific Grant
    • If the business generates less than 50% of your income. The business must be your main source of income.

    For further information on this grant please read the Restrictions Business Fund (Discretionary Grant) Guidance.

  • Are you liable to pay Business Rates on or before 30th November 2020 (in some circumstances you may be liable to pay Business Rates but get 100% Small Business Rates Relief, so have nothing to pay)?