Denbighshire Independent Young Persons Counselling Service

The Counselling Service gives young people the opportunity to talk to an independent counsellor about any social and emotional issues they may have, in a safe and accessible way.

Coronavirus update

The Counselling service (DIYPCS) will continue to offer its service to children and young people throughout this lockdown period. All young people will be offered their counselling remotely. New referrals are welcome during this period. The Counselling Service will aim to offer face to face counselling again as soon as possible following the re-opening of schools, when practicable and in adherence to Public Health guidelines.

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How to make a referral

You can refer yourself or someone else for a counselling assessment from the Denbighshire Independent Young Persons' Counselling Service. 

Make a referral for the Independent Young Persons' Counselling Service

Find out how to report a child at risk if you are concerned about their welfare or safety.

The DIYPCS normally operate within school hours and should not be used as an emergency service. If you need to speak to someone immediately, please contact one of the following organisations;

Counselling sessions

Counselling sessions can last up to 50 minutes and the aim is to create a comfortable and safe environment to discuss problems and to find the best solutions.

The sessions are confidential so that the child or young person can open up about what is concerning them.

Information for parents

If a child or young person asks for counselling, this doesn't mean that the parents are failing them. Sometimes talking to someone neutral and professionally trained can help find a solution to a problem. 

Support of a parent or carer is hugely welcomed. If a child or young person asks and can understand what is involved in the process, then they can't be denied the right to receive counselling.

All counsellors receive supervision of their work, which involves presenting anonymous casework to monitor the quality of their practice.

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More information

You can contact us if you have any questions about the Denbighshire Independent Young Persons' Counselling Service.