Welsh courses


Welsh course: Beginners

Year 1 – Welsh Course - Complete Beginners (May 2018 Group)

Course schedule - Beginners

  • Entry exam date in June 2019: Friday 7th June at Deeside or Yale, Wrexham Sites – Coleg Cambria (to be confirmed)
  • To book a place, please log in to iTrent self service or contact Human Resources on 01824 706200.

Welsh courses at various levels: Non-Beginners

  • Do you know a little Welsh already and wish to develop your skills further?
  • Whether it's just a few phrases that you know or more, one of these Welsh courses might be suitable for you.
  • You might have attended a Welsh course in the past, but had not been able to complete your course at the time, and might like to re-join a group and pick it up again.
  • You may even have studied Welsh as a second language at school, but have not developed your skills any further since leaving?

If you are interested in the following courses on offer, there are a few spaces available in each course:

Course schedule - Non-Beginners