Annual leave


Annual leave entitlement

Annual leave should be calculated at the start of every leave year and each time a change in work pattern or hours occurs.

All employees working a pattern other than 7 hours 24 minutes per day Monday to Friday will receive their entitlement in hours and minutes. Your line manager is responsible for establishing and ensuring that your leave entitlement is correct. The Annual Leave Calculator should be used where possible.

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As an employee of the council your minimum paid leave entitlement is 21 days (155 hours 24 minutes pro rata to your average contracted hours). Further leave entitlement will be granted as detailed in the table below. Entitlements shown are at full time rates.






155 hours 24 minutes

Extra Statutory Holidays


+22 hours 12 minutes

Extra after 5 years continuous service


+29 hours 36 minutes

Extra after 10 years continuous service


+7 hours 24 minutes

Extra after 15 years continuous service


+7 hours 24 minutes

Extra after 20 years continuous service


+7 hours 24 minutes

Total maximum entitlement


229 hours 24 minutes

The maximum full time equivalent entitlements according to length of service are detailed below. The annual leave calculator will establish exact entitlements according to length of continuous local government service.




Less than 4 years continuous service



177 hours 36 minutes


Between 4 and 5 years continuous service

24 to 27

177 hours 36 minutes to 199 hours 48 minutes


5 years continuous service


207 hours 12 minutes

10 years continuous service


214 hours 36 minutes

15 years continuous service


222 hours

20 years continuous service


229 hours 24 minutes

Carry over

You will be allowed to carry over an equivalent of one week of average contracted hours from one leave year to the next, to be taken anytime during the following leave year, subject to the normal authorisation and notice requirements for taking leave.

In exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the appropriate Head of Service, up to an equivalent of two weeks of average contracted hours may be carried over from one leave year to the next. You will not receive payment for leave in excess of the above limits which is still outstanding at the end of the leave year.

Extra statutory leave

As detailed in the table above, you are entitled to 3 extra statutory days (22 hours 12 minutes pro rata to your average contracted hours) in addition to the normal leave entitlement. In appropriate circumstances the council will determine, in consultation with the recognised trade unions, when extra statutory days are to be taken.

For calculation purposes, entitlement and statutory leave should be combined into one figure.

Leave year

The leave year for all employees coincides with the first day of their birth month.

The annual entitlement of employees leaving or joining the council will be calculated proportionately to their completed service during the leave year.

Bank holiday / public holiday leave

You will be entitled to a holiday with a normal days pay for each statutory, general and public holiday. If you are part time you will be entitled to the bank holiday pro rata to your hours of work.

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Purchasing additional leave

The maximum amount of additional annual leave that an employee may ‘purchase’ is 40 working days (equivalent to a maximum of 8 weeks of average contracted hours). This must be requested in advance and the line manager must approve their request.

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Requesting annual leave

All employees must request annual leave in advance, providing the number of days they want off as notice (i.e. a worker requests 2 days off as leave, they must give 2 days’ notice). However, as much notice as possible should be given and where employees wish to take a longer period of annual leave.

All employees should aim to give as much notice as possible when requesting annual leave.

Managers will aim to accommodate all requests for annual leave but may refuse a request if there are sound business reasons for doing so. These reasons should be explained to the employee in writing within 5 working days of the request. This can be in the form of an email.

VisionTime and Leave Cards


Once authorisation for Annual Leave has been granted, it will need to be recorded on either the VisionTime system or on a leave card. (Note: leave cards should only be used by employees who do not have access to VisionTime).

Employees who use VisionTime must pre-book all annual leave through the system, prior to actually taking the leave. Managers will then use the system to accept or refuse leave.

Where a Head of Service approves for an employee to carry over remaining annual leave into the next leave year, this approval should be sent in writing from the Head of Service to HR Direct.  (This can be in the form of an email trail. HR Direct will then update the system).

Leave cards

Employees who are unable to use Vision Time will need to use leave cards to record their leave. Managers will calculate the years’ entitlement at the beginning of each leave year and sign each request. Where a Head of Service approves for an employee to carry over their remaining annual leave into the next leave year, they will sign the leave card and send a copy of this into HR Direct. HR Direct will then update the employee’s file.

Please note that only employees who are contracted to work on bank holidays in accordance with the weekly rota or shifts will need to use the end column on the bank holiday section of the leave card. These employees will accrue annual leave for the hours they work on a bank holiday so will need to record these hours and subsequently take them as annual leave within the current leave year.