Apprenticeship recruitment


An apprentice is an employee who whilst working, studies towards nationally recognised work based qualifications which are designed around the needs of employers.

Apprenticeships are available for a vast range of qualifications and can be used for both new and existing employees. They offer a structured learning framework which an Apprentice can follow with the support of their tutor and manager.

Apprenticeships take between 12 and 24 months to complete depending upon the scheme and preference of the manager, and they must be employed for 37 hours per week, full time.

The council offers two types of Apprenticeship schemes: Corporate Rotational Apprentices and Static Apprentices.

Corporate Rotational Apprentices are 50% funded by a central budget, they have 2 year contracts, they rotate every 6-12 months between different teams, they are partly supervised by the Apprentice Coordinator and there are 2 set recruitment intakes each year.

The Corporate Rotational Apprentices are recruited by the Apprentice Coordinator and are done in time for the 2 intakes – usually on (or around) the following dates:

  • 1st April
  • 1st October

If you are a manager and would like to join the scheme, please contact the Apprentice Coordinator, or Human Resources.

Static Apprentices have contracts from 12 to 24 months and remain within one team They are wholly funded by the employing department and can be recruited at any time in the year.

Static Apprentices are recruited by managers directly, although assistance from the Apprentice Coordinator is readily available.

Regardless of which scheme you decide to join, the Apprentice will still need to be managed in the same way as other employees i.e. a probationary period, sickness absence management, ensuring appropriate and challenging workload etc.

Apprentices should be provided with the necessary responsibilities and opportunities in order to demonstrate the competencies in accordance with their qualification.

Apprenticeship recruitment process

Recruiting an Apprentice is broadly similar to recruiting any other post, so please follow the Recruitment and Selection Procedure at all times:

  1. A new post identified in your team that could potentially be an Apprenticeship opportunity
  2. Identify a relevant Apprenticeship Framework, if you are unsure then contact a training provider.
  3. Once you have identified a relevant framework arrange a meeting with the training provider to discuss what the apprenticeship will involve.
  4. Draft the Job Description, Person Specification and Advert for the post, using generic templates and forward to HR with a completed Vacancy Control form.
  5. Consider where else you can do to advertise the post.
  6. Short list and Invite Candidates to an interview.
  7. Consider what questions to ask at interview and consider whether it is appropriate to run an assessment task/day.
  8. Feedback – it is important that you offer feedback to all candidates to help them at this early stage in their career.