Graduate schemes recruitment


The Graduate Training Scheme provides the opportunity for students who have recently graduated with a 2:1 or higher in any discipline, to start their career. The aim is to develop these candidates into our future leaders and/or managers.

The council offers two types of Graduate schemes; Corporate Graduates and Static Graduates.

Corporate Graduates are 100% funded by a central budget with a token amount from the service budget to cover the costs of resources, they have 2 year contracts, they rotate every 6 months between different teams, there are 2 set recruitment intakes each year.

Static Graduates have contracts from 12 to 24 months, they remain in one team, they are wholly funded by the employing department, they can be recruited at any time in the year and can have a specified discipline of study.

Regardless of which scheme you decide to join, the Graduate will need to be managed in the same way as other employees i.e. thorough probationary period, sickness absence management, ensuring appropriate and challenging workload etc.

Graduates are paid Grade 5. Graduates undertake predominantly project work, and are responsible for overseeing and managing that specific project to completion.

For the Corporate Scheme, managers who wish to be included in the rotations must submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ form to the Organisational Development Specialist for consideration. The set intake/rotation dates are 1st April and 1st October. Once a Graduate has completed a placement, Managers are required to complete a ‘Placement Summary Form’ to provide an overview of the Graduates work performance, skill set and output.

It is expected that all Graduates will attend and pass the ILM Level 3 qualification during their employment.

Please contact Felicity Chandler, Organisational Development Specialist in HR for further information or support:

Phone: 01824 706194 / 706200