Work schemes



An apprenticeship is an employee who whilst working, studies towards nationally recognised work based qualifications which are designed around the needs of employers. Apprenticeships are offered in a vast range of qualifications and can be used for both new and existing employees.

Graduate Scheme

The Graduate Training Scheme provides the opportunity for students who have recently graduated with a 2:1 or higher in any discipline, to start their career. The aim is to develop these candidates into our future leaders and/or managers.


Denbighshire County Council encourages the involvement of volunteers in all appropriate activities.

Work experience

The purpose of work experience is to deliver a high quality opportunity to learn and gain an insight into working life and different careers.

'Work Experience' encompasses a range of groups from school pupils wishing to gain an understanding of the ‘world of work’ and possible careers choices, students, graduates and those who are unemployed or returning to work, who are looking to develop their CV’s and have a specific interest in a particular field.

Work Experience is typically a week-long placement within a team in the council where successful candidates are able to experience a typical week of work.