Community Support Services: Annual Survey

Each year the Welsh Government asks local authorities in Wales to survey a random selection of people who have had information, advice or assistance from Social Services teams, asking questions about the quality of service they have received. This is so that we can see what we are doing well, and where we need to work to improve. This is called the Social Services Have Your Say Survey.

We have a separate survey for adults receiving care and for informal carers of adults.

The format and the way we report results has changed a little over the years so yearly comparisons are not very helpful. We keep track of all of the feedback we receive and we produce a report for our management teams, so they can look at what actions to take as a result.

We also produce a summary of the responses received to submit to Welsh Government.

You can read a summary of the responses to our most recent survey below:

Community Support Services - Annual Survey (PDF, 167KB)