Homelessness: am I priority need?

You may be in priority need if:

  • you are a pregnant woman or you live with or would reasonably be expected to live with a pregnant woman
  • you have a dependent child living with you or might reasonably be expected to live with you
  • you are vulnerable due to some special reason (for example: old age, physical or mental illness or physical or mental disability)
  • you are homeless or threatened with homelessness as a result of an emergency such as flood, fire or other disaster
  • you are homeless as a result of being subject to domestic abuse
  • you are aged 16 or 17 in need of housing related support or accommodation
  • you have reached the age of 18 but are under 21 and are at particular risk of sexual or financial exploitation, or you are leaving Care
  • you have served in the regular armed forces and have been homeless since leaving those forces
  • you are assessed as having a local connection with Denbighshire County Council and are assessed as vulnerable due to having served a custodial sentence or been remanded into youth detention

If you are homeless, eligible and in priority need then the Council must ensure you are offered suitable temporary accommodation whilst it completes further enquiries.

How to get help

To get help and advice, and to talk through your options, you can:

Help yourself with our homeless prevention guide.

Out of hours

If you become homeless outside working hours, and you have nowhere safe to sleep you can call our out of hours service on 0300 123 30 68.