Performance and pay process in schools

In 2013 the Government implemented a new system for pay progression of teachers in England and Wales. The new system was to replace the previous annual incremental and placed emphasis on granting pay progression based on performance. This was the final time that annual increments were awarded to teachers based on their length of service. The new changes meant that pay decisions made from September 2014 should be linked with assessments of performance. Any reference to annual increments in existing pay policies should have already been removed.

Statutory guidance: School teachers' pay and conditions (STPC) (external website)

STPC guidance is for:

  • local authorities
  • school leaders
  • school teachers
  • governing bodies and their representatives

It relates to local authority maintained schools both in Wales and England.

Implementing your school's approach to pay: guidance for maintained schools and local authorities (external website)

Statutory guidance sets out what schools and local authorities must do to comply with the law. You should follow the guidance unless you have a very good reason not to.

What were the main changes to teachers' pay?

The main changes that came with the new system were:

  • removing pay progression based on length of service and linking all pay progression to performance
  • giving schools the option of increasing individual teachers' pay at different rates based on their performance
  • replacing the previous threshold test for progression from the main to the upper pay range with new simpler criteria
  • giving schools more freedom to determine starting salaries of teacher's existing salary

What is pay progression for teachers?

It is now up to schools to decide how they link pay progression to Performance Management, but we would expect teachers to be judged against a range of variables, not purely on exam results. The other variables can be:

  • Lesson Observations
  • Meeting targets and objectives set
  • Continuing Professional Development record (CPD)

Schools are required to set out how progression will be determined in their pay policy.