Funding Opportunity for Community Events Infrastructure

We understand that local events are highly valued by our residents and that there is a need to make these events more sustainable and easier for our communities to host.

Denbighshire County Council will be offering a one-off grant fund to provide improved infrastructure in our communities who host and organise community events in Denbighshire to help in achieving this.

Support and funding available

Support will be allocated to a limited number of selected applicants to develop and deliver project ideas that can demonstrate the following key outcomes:

  • Events will be easier and more efficient to host and organise
  • Events will be more sustainable
  • Events will be able to provide an enhanced experience for all

There is a total budget of £128,000 available to be shared by successful applicants across Denbighshire. Although there is no maximum grant set, applicants with more ambitious project ideas will be encouraged to seek match funding from elsewhere if available.

Community Development Officer support will be available throughout the scheme period to offer guidance and facilitation, and to act as a liaison officer with internal departments as required (e.g. Highways). You may also receive support to apply for match funding.

For more information, please contact or, or call Joanne Taylor, Project Manager, on 01824 706142.

Project guidelines

The event fund will be solely for projects that provide infrastructure in Denbighshire to help ensure the sustainability and longevity of Denbighshire’s community-led events. Projects may involve Denbighshire County Council managed land or assets. Where this is the case, feasibility will be considered by relevant service at the first stage of assessment. This means that liaison with the departments concerned will not be required by the applicant before submission of their Project Proposal. Should the applicant’s proposal be shortlisted, further details and complete costing will then be required.

You should give consideration to making a meaningful impact with clear outcomes. Project ideas that can demonstrate benefit to multiple events or the wider community will be favoured during the selection process.

Project delivery must be completed within two years of date funding awarded.


The scheme is open to City, Town and Community Councils applicants, which are encouraged to work in partnership with local event organisers, to develop and submit their Project Proposal. The scheme is however also open to direct Project Proposals by community groups that have County Councillor support.

The fund is targeted at improving infrastructure for small to medium sized community events, which can be defined as events organised primarily for the benefit of the local community, with a maximum capacity of 5000 people.

How to apply

To apply, applicants that host or organise small to medium sized community events are invited to submit their project ideas via this project proposal form, no later than 30/09/2021, to or

Funding Opportunity for Community Events Infrastructure Application form (MS Word, 181KB)

During the first stage of assessment, officers and key partners will score and shortlist project proposals based on their potential impact in terms of the three key outcomes listed:

  • Events will be easier and more efficient to host and organise
  • Events will be more sustainable
  • Events will be able to provide an enhanced experience for all

Shortlisted project proposals will then be presented to the Board for a final decision. Successful applicants will be invited to meet with relevant officers to develop and plan project delivery.