Road safety

Road safety education

Kerbcraft is a scheme that teaches children aged 5-7 how to be safer on the road.

Trained volunteers take children on to real roads, in groups of no more than three, to show them how the right behaviour and decision-making can help to keep them safe. Children learn how to:

  • choose safe places to cross the road
  • recognise dangers and choose alternative crossing places
  • cross safely near parked cars when it’s impossible to avoid them
  • cross safely near junctions
  • look systematically in all directions before crossing the road

To find out more about Kerbcraft sessions at your child's school, please contact the school.

Young children should always be accompanied by a responsible adult when near the road, even after training. Your encouragement of these road safety skills will help your child to regularly practice them.

Speed limits

National speed limits apply to most of the roads in Denbighshire. Unless you see signs showing otherwise, the speed limits are:

  • 30mph in a street-lit area
  • 60mph on a single carriageway road without street-lighting
  • 70mph on a dual carriageway road without street-lighting

Different speed limits apply to certain types of vehicle, such as buses, heavy goods vehicles and cars towing caravans. Find out more about speed limits on GOV.UK (external website).

If you are concerned about speeding issues in your area, contact us and we will look into the matter. If we find that there is a speeding problem we’ll look at ways to reduce it.

Pass Plus Cymru

Pass Plus Cymru is a course of lessons for new drivers between the ages of 17-25. You will gain extra driving experience, and will learn to deal with a range of road and traffic situations you may not have encountered whilst learning. The course will reduce your risk of being in a road crash, and could save you money on your car insurance.

Find out more about Pass Plus Cymru (external website).

Free driving assessments for over 65s

Drivers aged 65 and over can have a free driving assessment carried out as part of the North Wales Older Driver Development Scheme. Most people should be able to carry on driving - more safely - by adapting their driving habits following the advice of a driving professional.

Free driving assessment application form (PDF, 1MB)