Booking and fees

You will need to book the registration staff before committing yourself to a date and time for a marriage or civil partnership.

How to book the registration staff

To book registration staff for a marriage or civil partnership at an Approved Premises, you will need to contact one of the register offices.

Find out which register office you should contact.

Marriages in a religious building normally have an authorised person to write the register, but if not you should contact us to arrange for a registrar to attend.

You will have to pay a booking fee which is non-refundable if you cancel or alter arrangements. The booking fee is £30.00 for a marriage in the register office or a place of worship, and £100.00 for a marriage in an Approved Premises. This will be taken off the full fee if there is no change. 

Priority Service

If you would like to book our registration staff between 12 and 24 months in advance of your marriage or civil partnership, then you can use our priority service.

How much does the priority service cost?

The provisional booking fee is £100 plus an additional £60.00 for the priority service. This optional priority service payment is Non- Refundable and will NOT be deducted from the final fee due.

How to book the priority service

You can book the priority service by contacting one of the register offices.

Ceremony fees for Marriages

Marriages at Register Offices cost £46.00. Below are the fees for marriages at Approved Premises.

Day Fee
Monday to Thursday(excluding bank holidays) £325.00
Friday and Saturday £350.00
Sunday and bank holidays £415.00

Other marriage fees

Giving notice £35.00 each 
Registrar's attendance for a Marriage at a place of religious worship £86.00
To receive a marriage certificate on the day   £4.00            

Ceremony fees for Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships at Register Offices cost £46 – the fee is the same for a formation only, or both a formation and short ceremony.

The fees for a formation and ceremony for Civil Partnerships at Approved Premises are:

Day Fee
Monday to Thursday (excluding bank holidays) £235.00
Friday and Saturday £250.00
Sunday and bank holidays £280.00

Other Civil Partnership fees

To receive a Civil Partnership certificate on the day     £4.00