Community Funding and Grants

Find out what funds are available for your community.

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Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC)For grant fund opportunities and the delivery arm of Third Sector Support Wales in Denbighshire. Subscribe for news updates about grant fund opportunities, invites to Funding Surgeries, other Sector Support events and access Third Sector Support Wales' Funding Wales platform.


Third Sector Support Wales' Funding Wales Search ToolFind funding for your charity, community group or social enterprise by using Funding Wales' free online search engine.


Windfarm Grants Find out about the grants and funding available from windfarm projects.



The Denbighshire Community Endowment FundGet information on which initiatives the Denbighshire Community Endowment Fund can support.


Commuted Sums GrantsFind out more about Denbighshire Open Space Commuted Sums. Grant funding to improve or lay out open spaces/play areas.


The Sustainable Development FundThe Sustainable Development Fund provides grants for innovative, sustainable environment projects involving local communities in the AONB.



Other Community Grants and FundingInformation about key grant and funding opportunities available.



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