Keeping a routine

During the coronavirus, it’s important to make a plan for each day because regular routines help normalise the day.

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Firstly, plan time for the essential things that may be worrying you such as picking up essential groceries or medicine, taking care of your finances or caring responsibilities. Also set time for work (if you are able to work from home) and home schooling if you have any children of school age.

Eat well

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids to stay healthy, the recommended daily intake is 2 to 3 litres of water a day.

Try and stick to regular mealtimes, not forgetting your five a day whenever possible. You may not be able to get your regular groceries, so use this time to try some different recipes or improvise with what you do have. Use this time to teach members of your family new cooking skills which may come in useful in the future.  Share recipes with friends. Have an indoor picnic with your children and make ordinary meal times a little more special with candles or using your best china.

Community hubs have been set up to help with grocery shopping if you are alone and cannot go out for essentials. Local and online deliveries are available as well as recipe boxes.


Try to get a good night’s sleep, keeping to regular bedtimes and avoiding phones, tablets, computers and television before bedtime.  Avoid caffeine or alcohol before bed. Try to wake each day at a similar time to regulate your body clock.

Other ways to help keep a routine

  • Follow your regular routine as much as possible.
  • If you are unhappy with your current routine, this could be a chance to do things differently e.g. make time to do things important to you. Identify habits you want to start.
  • Plan how you’ll spend your time - write it down, put it on a wall
  • Plan activities for different days
  • Leave space for new ideas to develop (so that you can follow your interests as they arise)
  • We have produced a Community Resource Pack which includes information about food deliveries, grocery services and support services