Apply for a reception place after the closing date

The closing date for reception place applications for children born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014 was 24 November 2017. Late applications are dealt with after the on-time submissions, we recommend naming more than one preference as available places may have already been granted at your preferred school.

If you are trying to move your child from one school to another, please complete the school transfer application instead.

  • Please read these important notes and tick to confirm that you understand and agree before you complete this application for a school place.

    This application form can only be completed by a person with parental responsibility for the child.

    Where there is shared parental responsibility, both parents should be in agreement about the preferences listed in this application. It is the parents' responsibility to come to this agreement.

    Free school transport is normally only provided to the nearest suitable school if it is more than 2 miles from the home address for Reception - Year 6 applications, or more than 3 miles from the home address for Year 7 - Year 11 applications.

    You may express a preference for English or Welsh medium education, or faith-based education.

  • I confirm that I understand and agree with the points above.