Homeless Prevention Team (Homelessness)

If you are at risk of losing your home within the next 8 weeks you have the right to be helped and we can support you with different options.

We will check that you are eligible for help.  If you live in the UK, are a British citizen and have not recently spent time living in other countries you will almost certainly be eligible.

We need to fully understand your situation to be able to help you.  If you have any particular needs you think we should be aware of (for example debt, learning difficulties, mental health problems or anything that you think is important) please let us know.

You can get more detailed information on the Denbighshire Housing website.

How to get help

To get help and advice, and to talk through your options, you can: 

Out of hours

If you become homeless outside working hours, and you have nowhere safe to sleep you can call our out of hours service on 0300 123 30 68.

Here to help - Your guide to homelessness services


Street Link

StreetLink (Website)

Private landlords

The Homeless Prevention Team work closely with private landlords who offer a range of quality accommodation to give people access to the private rental market.

If you are a private landlord and need advice and guidance or are willing to work with the council, please contact the Homeless Prevention Team on the above contact details.