Multiple occupancy homes

A house in multiple occupancy (HMO) is a property which is let to at least three tenants who are not from the same 'household' (e.g. family). A household is a group of people who are related, including single people, couples, families, and foster carers.

There are different kinds of HMO properties: those that share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen; self-contained units; and those that include a mixture of shared and self-contained units.

Information for tenants

We are responsible for enforcing HMO standards, so if you live in a HMO and feel there are any unreasonable hazards which your private landlord is not dealing with, please report it.

HMO licensing register

We keep a public register of all the properties in Denbighshire which are listed as houses in multiple occupancy. You can download a copy of this register here

If you have any enquiries about a property which has been licensed, or a property that you feel should be registered and is not, please contact us.

Information for landlords

If you rent rooms in a multiple occupancy home, you may need a HMO licence. Find out more about HMO licences and how to apply.