We want to increase and improve volunteering opportunities for people and also recognise the contribution that volunteers make to improving the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Volunteering opportunities

Find a volunteering opportunity with Denbighshire County Council

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Other ways to volunteer

There are other volunteering opportunities available:

To find out more about other volunteering opportunities available in the county please visit: www.denbighshirevolunteers.net

Can I volunteer if I receive benefits?

Yes. You will have to inform the Job Centre of your volunteering activities and confirm that you are still available for an interview or work, but you can still volunteer. All volunteering opportunities, skills and experience that you learn can be added to your CV and potentially help you to secure a paid position. If there are any expenses to be claimed however, they must be to the exact penny as stated on the receipt 

What skills or experience will I need?

The skills and experience should be applicable to the role that is available.

Are volunteers covered by insurance?

Yes. Our employees and volunteers are all covered by public liability insurance.

Will I have to have a Criminal Records Check?

You may be required to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check if you will be volunteering in a specific place, such as a school, children’s or adult’s centre, and as a result of your role you will have frequent contact with children or vulnerable adults.

What if I want to end my volunteering placement?

You can end your agreement at any time and without any notice. We can also do this but unless there is an emergency or misconduct, we will aim to give you at least two weeks notice to end an agreement, in the hope that you would offer the same to us. In all cases we will provide you with details as to why your involvement is no longer needed.