Part of our team

As well as the pay and rewards, if you become part of our team we would also look at your personal development, which would include the following;

An induction programme

As a new employee, you would receive an induction to the service you join to make sure you gain a clear understanding of what’s expected.

This would be followed up by attending a corporate induction where you would receive information about how the council works and the processes and policies within all services. You would be introduced to the Staff handbook clarifying terms and conditions of employment and our expectations. This also gives you the opportunity to network with other new employees.

Performance appraisals

All staff receive an annual performance appraisal with their manger, where objectives for the previous year are discussed and achievements scored.

If expectations are not being met, an agreement will be reached on how to improve before the next appraisal. Appraisals will be supported by regular one to one meetings, with their line manager, to maintain performance standards. At the performance appraisal any learning and development needs will be discussed and agreed.

A variety of training courses

All staff can book themselves directly onto training courses through the Itrent self-service system to help them develop skills they need to perform in their role.

Management development is offered through the ILM route while corporate learning and development is supported by the Learning Hub, which features training tips, tools, video clips and support.