March for Business: Basic Twitter

Llysfasi CollegeRuthin Road Llysfasi LL15 2LB
12/03/2018 (17:00-20:30)

This session will be presented in English


To introduce small businesses to the benefits that Twitter can bring to their business, to make businesses aware of the different reasons and objectives for using Twitter as a social media platform.


• Introduction to Cybersecurity 

• Why Twitter - Introduction to Twitter – basic outline of Twitter as a social media platform to include some facts and figures

• Twitter jargon – what does #hash tag, reply, like, retweet mean

• Setting up a Twitter account to include profile page, how and why to set profile picture, how and why to set header picture - writing business bio. 

• Anatomy of Twitter – a guided tour of Twitter to include overview of home, moment, notifications and messages.

• Setting up and or reviewing settings and privacy

• Who to follow and getting followers

• Anatomy of a tweet - sending tweets - retweeting

• Ideas for content to engage 

• Setting Twitter objectives

Method of delivery

Mix of presentation, live feed from Twitter, demonstrations and candidates working on own Twitter accounts.

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