March for business: Introduction to Instagram for small businesses

HWB Dinbych Smithfield Road Denbigh LL16 3RG
11/03/2020 (17:00-20:00)

Instagram’s mission is to strengthen relationships through shared experiences. They want to inspire authentic expression and connect people through visual expressions. People from all over the world come to Instagram to be inspired. It is where people come to find and share their passions.

On Instagram, your message reaches consumers where they follow their passions and explore the world through imagery. For these reasons, Instagram is a highly-relevant environment to share your business’s story or showcase your products, apps or services.

This session introduces small businesses to the benefits that Instagram can bring to their business, to make businesses aware of the different reasons and objectives for using Instagram as a social media platform and how to use the platform as a marketing tool. 

  • Why Instagram for business
  • Instagram jargon
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Setting up or reviewing business profile, business bio, profile links, Instagram aesthetic
  • Anatomy of Instagram – a guided tour of Instagram
  • How and who to follow, looking at search and discovery
  • How to post and types of posts
  • Stories and story highlights
  • Creating Instagram content
  • Using Insights - monitoring and evaluating
  • Setting Instagram objectives

Who is this event for?

Any small businesses

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Where is it?

The event is being held at Hwb Dinbych

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