Have your say on childcare in Denbighshire: Consultation on the Denbighshire Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2017

Every 5 years the Welsh Government require every local authority across Wales to undertake a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment. The Denbighshire Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2017 is a report that brings together a range of different data and information to develop a picture of the current childcare market and to identify whether there are any gaps in supply.

The intention of this report is to provide an assessment of the current levels of childcare within Denbighshire and the gaps in childcare provision as identified via parent/carer questionnaires and data from the childcare providers. Following this consultation period, an action plan will be developed to identify how best the Local Authority can support parents/carers with childcare issues and childcare providers in Denbighshire.  You can find the consultation on our website.

Having read the Denbighshire Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2017, we would be grateful if you could e-mail fis@denbighshire.gov.uk with your feedback by 26 April 2017.

Posted on Thursday 13th April 2017