Tackling Ruthin anti-social behaviour together

Denbighshire County Council and North Wales Police have joined forces to tackle problems with anti-social behaviour around the Park Road car park in Ruthin.

Letters have been distributed to properties in the area, informing residents of the work being done to consider potential solutions to the complaints about noise, reckless driving, littering and abusive comments towards other car park users and residents.

The Police are working in partnership with the Council to minimise the disruption to residents whilst being ‘firm but fair’ with anyone who commits a criminal or motoring offence. Police patrols of the car park and surrounding area are a daily occurrence and will continue.

The Council has installed temporary barriers to close off the westerly car park access, to prevent vehicles from using the accesses to quickly drive in and out of the car park at speed. Bollards have also been installed to prevent the pedestrian entrance adjacent to the filling station being used by vehicles.

Through the Council’s partnership with North Wales Police, agreement has recently been secured for a CCTV camera to be installed in the car park for an initial period of three months, with the potential for this period to be extended. Installation of the camera will take place within the next few weeks.

The Council is also considering options to change the layout of the car park, such as physical works to “divide up” the car park and, therefore, make it physically difficult for the car park to be used for ASB driving activities; the creation of a smaller car park for residents, separate to the main car park and lockable barriers to close the main car park at night time.

These options are subject to funding and would first require a separate consultation with residents, including those who hold car park permits.

Should you wish to comment further on any of the issues, please contact Denbighshire County Council , Parking Services, Caledfryn, Smithfield Road, Denbigh, via e-mail: traffic@denbighshire.gov.uk  or  North Wales Police, Glan y Don, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay  or e-mail: Jonathon.hill@nthwales.pnn.police.uk


Posted on Wednesday 26th April 2017