Recycling efforts in Denbighshire paying dividends

Denbighshire County Council is saying a “huge thank you” to the county’s residents for their recycling efforts.

In the 2016/17, Denbighshire recycled 64% of the waste it collected, meeting the 64% target set by the Welsh Government two years early.

The Council is now encouraging residents to make sure that all food waste is disposed of in the food waste collection service. Currently 20% of the total waste that is collected in black wheelie bins is actually food waste.

The next target set for Denbighshire is to reach 70% by 2024/2025.

To assist with improving recycling rates further,  residents are asked to ensure that all food waste is placed in the orange food waste caddy provided, ready for its weekly collection.

A smaller kitchen caddy is provided for you to collect food waste each day and transfer to the orange food waste container when convenient. The following food waste can go into the orange caddy: Baked products i.e. cakes, cereals, biscuits, bread crusts, mouldy bread ; Canned/packed products i.e. nuts, pulses, seeds; Vegetable waste i.e. peelings / rotten veg; Tea bags / coffee grounds; Leftovers; Fruit waste i.e  skins, cores, peels; meat waste; Dairy waste i.e. egg shells.

Councillor Brian Jones, Cabinet Lead Member with responsibility for recycling said: “Meeting the recycling target two years early is a great achievement and we couldn’t have recycled so much without the dedication and commitment of Denbighshire residents to dispose of waste in the correct way.

“The Council is proud of its recycling service has developed over recent years and Denbighshire is seen at the forefront of recycling in Wales. We want to continue with our green, environmentally friendly approach by providing the right recycling services and by working with residents and local communities.


For further information about recycling, please click here


Posted on Friday 25th August 2017