Advice to licenced premises in Denbighshire

Denbighshire County Council’s Licensing team and North Wales Police are urging licensed premises to be well prepared for the festive period.

Inspector Alwyn Williams said “Good planning before we get into the weeks and days before Christmas and New Year can help make it a successful and safe time for everyone.

“Licensees are reminded to ensure the intended activities are covered by your licence/certificate or an exemption and any extended hours planned are within those permitted by your licence”.

Councillor Tony Thomas, Cabinet Lead Member for Housing, Regulation and the Environment,   said: “Licensees will be aware of their licence conditions but they should just take time to check their conditions to ensure there are no restrictions on the proposed activities.  If there will be any unauthorised activities then they will need to obtain a temporary event notice.”

The latest day for a standard Temporary Event Notice to be received by the Council, Police and Environmental Health Officer for an extension of hours on the Friday before Christmas (23rd December) is 8th December. Consideration can be given for a “late” Temporary Event Notice after this date although there may not be sufficient time to make changes if there is an objection to that “late” Notice.

Other points for licensees to consider include:

  • Ensure that any temporary staff are fully trained in their responsibilities and that they are authorised to sell alcohol.
  • Refresher training is recommended for all existing staff as a reminder of their responsibilities, which can be overlooked during busy periods.
  • Remind staff that they should not sell alcohol to under 18’s or to persons who appear to be drunk.   All premises should implement an age restriction policy, such as Challenge 25, and keep a refusal s book.
  • Be aware that any proposed drinks’ promotion does not breach the mandatory licence conditions.
  • Ensure that any door staff employed are licensed with the Security Industry Authority and wear their badges.
  • Take steps to prevent any activities causing a nuisance to neighbours, including regular monitoring of noise levels.
  • Check the CCTV system is operational
  • Have a list of call out numbers, not just for emergency services but to ensure the premise can operate throughout (electrician, plumber CCTV etc.)

If you require advice or guidance on Licensing matters please contact a member of the licensing team on 01824 706342 or to discuss your requirements.


Posted on Tuesday 5th December 2017