Council praised in audit report


Denbighshire’s leadership and vision has been praised in a recent Wales Audit Office report.

The annual improvement report for 2016/17 has concluded: “Having made significant progress in delivering its current vision, the Council is developing an updated plan to describe its vision and key ambitions for the future and how it will operate as an organisation.

The report highlights some of the achievements of the Council. These include:

  • The Council is effective in engaging with internal and external audiences
  • The Council has a clear framework for managing change
  • Councillors and officers are clearly accountable
  • Councillors challenge new service delivery options robustly
  • The Council actively involves its communities in its plans
  • The Council monitors performance and evaluates the impact of change
  • The Council proactively reviews and improves the effectiveness of its decision making

Again this year the report did not include any formal recommendations which reflects the positive light in which the Council is seen by the Welsh Audit Office.

As would be expected the report includes some areas for improvement and the Council has already introduced measures to address these matters.

Councillor Julian Thompson Hill, Cabinet Lead Member with responsibility for performance said:  “The report is a recognition of the amount of good work that goes on in Denbighshire to maintain very high standards in services to residents and we are pleased that auditors highlight our achievements, particularly around leadership, vision and engagement with our communities.

“Whilst no formal recommendations have been made in the report, we recognise that there are areas that have been highlighted for improvement, but residents can be reassured that steps have already been taken to address some of those areas.”

“We are never complacent as we always strive to improve services to the best of our ability and it is pleasing to read that the Council continues to be recognised as being one of the best performing councils in Wales”.


Posted on Wednesday 5th July 2017