Online guides help new businesses get it right first time

Businesses are being given a helping hand to cut down on red tape.

Denbighshire County Council has produced an online guide for businesses giving them all the information needed to ensure they are meeting regulations and can access all the support available to them.

The Council’s Better Business for All programme brings together businesses and the Council’s planning and public protection department to improve how regulation is delivered to save businesses time and money.

A guide pointing existing businesses in the direction of regulatory advice has also been produced.

Cllr Hugh Evans, leader of Denbighshire County Council, said: “Making sure businesses have the right information is vital to ensure they are meeting all the regulatory requirements first time and saving themselves time and resources further down the line.

“The idea of these guides is to make sure businesses get it right the first time, so I would encourage business owners to view the guides.

“Better Business for All is all about removing the regulatory barriers to growth - and raising the economic competitiveness of Denbighshire.

“Regulatory services play an important role in supporting businesses. This support can provide them with an economic advantage, confidence to grow and reassurance they are meeting statutory requirements.”

The guides provide up-to-date advice on regulations, as well as where to go for advice and business support, ensuring businesses are informed as well as providing case studies from businesses who have been working closely with the Council.

You can access the guides from Denbighshire County Council’s website at

Posted on Monday 3rd July 2017