Denbigh councillors updated on former hospital site latest

Representatives of Denbighshire County Council have updated county councillors from Denbigh and surrounding areas regarding the Council’ position on the former North Wales Hospital site which was damaged by fire last week.

Graham Boase, Denbighshire’s Head of Planning and Public Protection reaffirmed the Council’s commitment to continue with the compulsory purchase of the site, with the intention of immediately transferring the ownership of the site to the North Wales Building Preservation Trust.

Graham said: “The investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing and we are shocked and appalled at the actions of those individuals who have caused so much damage to this vitally important historic property. We are also disappointed, although not surprised, at the continued lack of any actions by the owners to address the levels of trespass onto the site and the associated damage being caused to the buildings. It is this lack of any action by the owners that have led the Council to going down the Compulsory Purchase route, as pursuing such action is always a last resort.

“Unfortunately, the part of the building damaged by the fire t was earmarked for restoration and re-development, but because of the seriousness of  the damage it is probably beyond repair.

“We recognise there is an expectation for something positive to happen with the site and we would like to reassure residents in the local community that our position has not changed. We will continue to work towards completing the compulsory purchase process over the coming months. The delay is linked to the funding options being pursued by the North Wales Building Preservation Trust, which we anticipate being concluded in the near future.

“The site is currently in private ownership and the safety of the building is the responsibility of the owner. However, the Council has worked with North Wales Police and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service to appeal to everyone to stay away from the site, for their own safety and for the protection of the building”.



Posted on Wednesday 7th June 2017