Get social by accessing the health and well-being directory


Looking for information on improving your social interaction to improve your health and well-being? The Dewis Cymru website has help and support available for you. provides information on a wide variety of issues relating to socialising and meeting people in day to day activity.

Information on the Being Social section of the website includes details of groups and clubs, indoor and outdoor activities, returning to education and volunteering and befriending schemes. The site includes a list of organisations that can also provide additional support.

Advice is available about  the use of technology and creating friends online through social media and online forums and making sure that people can do so safely.

It also provides advice for people about getting out and about on public transport, as well as details of schemes such as the Motability Car Scheme.

Bethan Jones Edwards of the North Wales Social Care and Well-Being Service Improvement Collaborative said: “Being social usually comes naturally when you’re young and able; however, it can be harder to maintain relationships and friendships – let alone make new ones – when you’re older or disabled, or if you are a carer looking after someone else.

“If you are unable to go outside without support it becomes much more difficult to maintain any kind of social life, which is the reason people sometimes become isolated.

“The Dewis Cymru website is all about directing people to the right kind of support and advice that can help reduce social isolation, referring people to activities and clubs/ societies available in our communities  and getting people involved in activities that will help their general health and well-being”.

People can search for this information on a county by county basis.

The Dewis website also includes information on a wide range of subjects under the headings of: Being Well, Being Safe, Being at Home, Managing Your Money, Children and Families and Looking After Someone. 

Posted on Friday 24th March 2017