Latest on Bin Collections

Here is the latest we have on progress with the catch-up of bin collections from last week:

SOUTH (relates to collections missed on Friday in the Corwen area)

Unfortunately no collection was made yesterday (Monday) due to staff sickness.  A 22 tonne vehicle is scheduled to tackle 3 blue bin rounds today, Wednesday & Thursday (covering Corwen, Llandrillo, Cynwyd, Bryneglwys, Glydyfrdwy, Betws Gwerfil Goch & Gwyddelwern areas).

Similarly, a 3.5 tonne pick-up will cover the rural/limited access areas over the same three days. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to attempt to catch-up with food collections but will put the spare food vehicle out on Friday which will provide capacity for those food bins not previously collected.

We suggest that you leave recycling/refuse out for collection and we will do our best to collect.  Please keep your food waste bins and leave out on Friday.

NORTH (relates mainly to collections missed on Friday in rural areas)

We are still trying to reach some areas today (Tuesday) but still finding snow in some areas which is prevent access.  We believe we collected almost all of the missed collections that we are able to reach on Monday.

By close of business today we expect to have caught up as far as is practicable.

Our advice to residents in the north is that if we have not made a collection by 3pm today (Tuesday) then please bring your recycling/refuse in and set out again on Friday.

We thank you for your patience during this time.

Posted on Tuesday 6th March 2018