Have your say on Council's homelessness review

Denbighshire County Council is currently reviewing homelessness in the county – and wants to hear your views.

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 expects all councils to carry out a homelessness review and to draft a strategy by 2018 on how the issues raised will be addressed.

Tackling homelessness is a key priority for the Council:

  • In 2016/17 the Council’s Housing Solutions team saw over 1,200 households who were homeless or at risk of homelessness.
    • The service recorded 538 outcomes for clients, of which 59% were single people. 
    • The majority of cases (69%) that were assessed for assistance were aged over 25 years, and 30% were aged between 18-24 years.    
    • A total of 147 households were owed a duty to prevent them from becoming homeless, 81 of these households (55%) were successfully prevented from becoming homeless. 
    • The Council owed a further to duty to help secure accommodation to a total of 272 clients, of which a further 79 households had their homelessness relieved after they had actually become homeless.  The most successful prevention tool used is assisting people to access private rented accommodation.

Now a review document looks at the homeless levels across Denbighshire, services available, the differing kinds of accommodation on offer, the needs of identified groups and future trends.

Findings of on-going consultations with staff and partner agencies, as well as feedback from the public will be considered and will help inform the homelessness strategy when it is produced later this year.

The documents can be found here  People can take part in an online survey,or provide comments through contacting liana.duffy@denbighshire.gov.uk or by phone 01824  712304.


Posted on Monday 8th May 2017