Have your say on the future of Denbighshire's economy

Businesses are being asked to have their say on what help and support would benefit them.

Denbighshire County Council is launching its annual business survey to gather the views and aspirations of the county’s traders which then determines what support and training can be provided.

The survey feeds into the Council’s work on developing the local economy to support healthy private businesses and create higher paid jobs to increase household incomes.

Mike Horrocks, the Council’s team and programme manager for Economic & Business Development, said: “The business survey is our annual landmark analysis of business needs and it is important that we take this time to listen to traders.

“By collecting data from businesses we can take the temperature of Denbighshire’s economy and use this information to direct our efforts to help businesses grow over the coming year.

“Latest research shows that since last year confidence in sales has increased and more than half of firms are looking to invest in their business.

“It is important as many businesses as possible take part so we can see what business people think.”

Results of the survey feed directly into the Council’s annual March for Business month, which this year saw a record number of attendees take advantage of conferences, networking and training sessions, all geared around subjects raised by businesses in last year’s survey.

Mr Horrocks said: “We carry out this survey to help our work on developing the local economy and use the results to direct what we do next to benefit businesses.

“There are now more businesses starting up every year in Denbighshire, from 280 a year in 2012 to 350 in 2015, we have the best one year survival rates and the highest percentage increases in business financial turnover of anywhere in Wales.”

To take part in the business survey visit www.denbighshire.gov.uk/businesssurvey 

Posted on Thursday 25th May 2017