Arts Activity aids NHS pledge in Denbigh Infirmary

Last week was Fab Change Week in the NHS, where NHS staff make pledges to change working practice in order to make improvements within the service.

Denbigh Infirmary’s pledge was to End PJ Paralysis, encouraging their inpatients to get up, get dressed and be active!  PJ Paralysis is a term coined to describe what happens to patients when they have prolonged periods of bedrest.  Studies have shown that getting patients out of bed when they are physically well enough significantly improved their recovery rate, reducing length of stay and promoting independence.

To support people in getting up and active, staff at Denbigh Infirmary arranged a programme of activity for their inpatients. 

Denbighshire Arts Service supported them in their pledge by arranging for two mornings of arts workshops, led by professional artist Jude Wood.  Jude worked with patients, staff and also several pupils from Ysgol Frongoch, using a heat press to create a large textile piece to hang in the day centre.  Patients and pupils both contributed to the piece.  Denbighshire Arts will continue to support the hospital’s efforts to improve the patient experience by working in collaboration with them over a period of time, providing professional artists to inspire and work with patients and pupils.

The Arts Service is funded by Arts Council Wales and by Denbighshire County Council.

For more information about the End PJ Paralysis pledge, please contact Rebecca McConnell on  For more information about Denbighshire Arts Service, please contact Sian Fitzgerald on or 07748 165429.

Posted on Monday 27th November 2017