Taxi fees up for debate

Proposed changes to taxi licensing fees and tariff charges are set to be considered by Denbighshire’s Licensing Committee.

The fees were last reviewed by the Committee in 2008 and cover hackney carriage and private hire licensing. Those fees cover the Council’s costs  of inspecting vehicles, providing hackney carriage stands and other administrative costs.

The majority of the fees have seen no rises or modest increases which are in line with inflation, whilst there are opportunities for drivers to apply for a new or renewal of licences for a period of three years, rather than applying on an annual basis. This would provide a significant cost saving.

If the revised fees are approved, those fees will then be advertised for 28 days, If any objections are received, they will be considered by Licensing Committee.  If no objections are made, the fees will come into effect on 1st December 2017.

 The Council has also received a request to review the taxi meter tariff charges for hackney carriage vehicles. This request is supported by over 100 drivers.  As a result, the Council will need to review those charges separately and consult on those charges. 

Posted on Tuesday 19th September 2017