Apply for a blue badge

Disabled parking badges, also known as Blue badges, allow people with severe mobility problems to park close to where they need to go. A person does not have to drive to apply for a Blue Badge. They can be the driver or a passenger.

Who can apply for a blue badge?

In Wales, an individual can qualify for a Blue Badge in one of the following categories:

  • Automatic
  • Discretionary
  • Temporary.

Find out if you are eligible for a blue badge.

If you have any queries about Blue Badge Scheme eligibility, please call 01824 712400 or 712433.

How do I apply for a blue badge?

You can apply for a blue badge online. You can also get an application form at a One Stop Shop or by calling us on 01824 712400 or 712433.

You will need to complete an application form, either electronically or by requesting a paper version, providing a recent passport-sized photograph of yourself and providing some supporting documents.

You can also make an appointment at Prestatyn Library where there is a digital system and staff will help you to complete the on-line forms.”.

What happens next?

When you have completed your application, you will normally find out if you have been successful within 10 working days. This may be longer if we have to request that you provide us with more information.

If you are successful, your badge will be posted to you within 10 working days.

If you are unsuccessful, we will write to you and send you information about other ways we can help you.

The badge lasts for 3 years, unless it is a temporary badge, which will last for 12 months only.

When the badge expires, you will need to apply for a new one – it will not be automatically replaced. If you still require it, please apply for your new badge around 6 weeks before your current one expires.

What if my details change?

Please let us know if you change your name or address, or if you get a new car with a different registration number.

You can let us know online or call us on 01824 706000.

There is a charge of £10 to change your name.  It does not cost anything to change any other details.

Where can I park?

If you have a blue badge you can park: 

  • on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours, unless there are restrictions on loading or unloading (shown by yellow kerb dashes and/or signs) 
  • at on-street parking meters for free and for as long as you need to 
  • in disabled parking bays in car parks (you will still need to pay at car parks in Denbighshire)

Please read the leaflet ‘Blue badge scheme: Rights and responsibilities in Wales’ for more detailed information.

How do I display the blue badge?

You should display the blue badge on the dashboard, so that it can be seen clearly from outside the vehicle. The front of the badge should face upwards, showing the wheelchair symbol, or hologram on the new design.

When you receive your badge, it will have a parking clock attached. Whenever you park on yellow lines, or in a place with time restrictions, the clock should show the quarter-hour period when you arrived.