Visitor parking permits

Visitor parking permits can be used by people who are visiting residents of Denbighshire.

How do I use this permit?

Visitors’ parking permits allow visitors to park in some areas of Denbighshire. The permit is for one whole day, so if you are visiting for more than one day, you will need one permit for each day you will be visiting. You must write the date and your car registration number on each permit you use.

Visitors’ parking permits can be used in these areas:


 Green Lane, Corwen Bath Street, Rhyl   Morley Road, Rhyl
 Bridge Street, Llangollen Bedford Street, Rhyl  Oxford Grove, Rhyl
 Chapel Street, Llangollen Brighton Road, Rhyl   Paradise Street, Rhyl
 Church Street, Llangollen  Clwyd Street, Rhyl  Princes Street, Rhyl
 Llanrhydd Street, Ruthin  Crescent Road, Rhyl  Promenade, Rhyl
 Market Street, Ruthin  Elwy Street, Rhyl  Thorpe Street, Rhyl
 Mount Street, Ruthin  Kings Avenue, Rhyl  Vezey Street, Rhyl
 Park Road, Ruthin  Kinmel Street, Rhyl  West Kinmel Street, Rhyl
 Wernfechan, Ruthin  Morlan Park, Rhyl  Windsor Street, Rhyl

How do I apply for a permit?

Only residents of Denbighshire can apply for visitors' permits. Visitors themselves cannot apply.

If you live in one of the areas listed here, you can apply for a book of visitors' permits at any One Stop Shop.  You will need to provide proof of address (e.g. utility bill, driving licence), and you will need to pay for the permits when you apply.  They cost £5 for a book of 10 permits.

You will receive the permits in the post no more than 10 working days after you have applied.