Apply for a bus pass

If you are aged 60 or over, or you have a disability, you may be entitled to a free bus pass. This means you can travel for free on local bus services throughout Wales.

Who can apply for a bus pass?

You can apply for a bus pass if: 

  • you are aged 60 or over 
  • you have a physical or learning disability 
  • you live in Denbighshire 

How do I apply?

Apply for a new or replacement bus pass online

Alternatively, To apply for a bus pass, complete this application form and post it to the address at the bottom of the form. 

Alternatively, you can bring your form into any One Stop Shop.

You will also need to provide: 

  • a recent passport sized photograph of yourself, with your name printed on the back 
  • proof of your address – such as a utility bill or council tax bill 
  • proof of your date of birth – such as your birth certificate, passport or driving licence

It’s fine to provide photocopies.

How much does it cost?

Your first bus pass is free.

If your bus pass gets lost, stolen or damaged, you can get a replacement by completing this replacement form and posting it to the address at the bottom of the form.  There is a £5.00 charge for replacement passes.  Please include payment with your replacement form. 

If your bus pass is damaged, it may not be accepted on the bus.