Noise complaints

We can investigate noise complaints about the following;

  • Loud shouting, music or televisions
  • Noise from commercial or industrial premises
  • DIY activities
  • Alarms
  • Car repairs

If you have a complaint about a barking dog, then you can let us know by reporting a dog issue

Before you make a complaint

Not every noise that affects a person can be considered a nuisance that we can act on, so where possible, we would encourage you to try and resolve the issue without making a formal complaint. The problem neighbours website can help you do this. 

Report a noise pollution issue 

After you have made a complaint

Once we have received your complaint, we will send you a log sheet so that you can record details of the noise taking place. We may also need to write to the person/company making the noise to inform them that a complaint has been made. We will examine the details on your log sheet and may arrange to carry out monitoring either in person or by using recording equipment.

We do not release the details of the complainant without the authority of that person, except for specific legal reasons later on in the investigation and enforcement proceedings.

Abatement notice

If the investigation shows the noise to be a nuisance, then we can serve an abatement notice to reduce the noise being made. 

Anonymous complaints

We will not investigate anonymous complaints.  Complaints are treated in confidence, and your details will be protected.  However, we need to know how we can contact you to update you on any investigation.