Conservation areas

Conservation areas are pieces of land that local authorities feel should be preserved or enhanced as they contribute to the character and appearance of an area. Conservation areas tend to be town and village centres but they can include individual or groups of historic structures.

Where are conservation areas in Denbighshire?

There are 32 conservation areas in Denbighshire. You can open a list or view plans and character appraisals at the planning office at Caledfryn, Denbigh

Alternatively you can see the current conservation areas on an interactive map.

How do I apply for conservation area consent?

You can apply on line through the planning portal, download an application or request a form from the planning department.

Making changes

Substantial or total demolition of a building in a conservation area would need conservation area consent. This will only be granted if there is a valid redevelopment proposal included with the application. Most other works will not normally require conservation area consent. The result of any planning applications for sites in conservation areas would always take into account the preservation or enhancement to the area’s character and appearance.

If you plan on carrying out works to trees in conservation areas, then you would have to provide at least six weeks written notice to our planning department to do so. 
Visit the tree preservation page for information on trees in conservation areas.