Report a dangerous structure

If you think a structure in Denbighshire is unsafe, you should contact us so that we can take action.
If you need to report a dangerous structure after normal office hours, please call us on 0345 053 3116.

What happens after I have reported the matter?

A building control surveyor will visit the site and arrange for the appropriate action to be taken.
If the structure is considered unstable but not an immediate threat, the owner of the property will be asked to arrange for it to be removed or repaired. The area surrounding the structure is often cordoned off to ensure safety is maintained whilst the structure is being dealt with. In these cases the owner is given a reasonable time to remove the danger, failure to respond can result in a Magistrates court order being obtained.

If the structure needs to be secured immediately for public safety, the building control surveyor will arrange for a builder to remove or repair the structure as soon as possible, normally on the same day. The builder’s costs are recoverable from the owner of the property.