As a council, we must show that we are open and accountable, and that we have integrity.

Our code of corporate governance shows our commitment to these principles, and sets out how we stick to them.

How do we review our performance?

We continually review our performance, to check our progress, identify any areas where we may be off-track, and take action to make sure we achieve our goals.

To understand how the council plans its work and manages performance, please read our guide to improving services for our communities.

Annual performance review

Each year we review the progress we’re making against the priorities set out in our corporate plan. We produce a report that sets out how we’re doing, and what we can do to improve.

Appendix I contains a narrative summary of progress against each priority in the corporate plan, including indicators, performance measures, and activities, along with extracts highlighting a key success or challenge encountered during the year. It also includes performance against Corporate Projects, National Strategic Indicators, Corporate Risks, and key findings from external regulators.

Appendix II is an extract from the Verto Performance Management System, featuring graphs to illustrate performance data in relation to the Corporate Plan.

Internal audit

Every year we identify a list of services to be audited. We look at the processes used in those services and make recommendations on how they can improve.

Who else reviews our performance?

As well as monitoring our own performance, we are also reviewed every year by the Wales Audit Office. They produce an annual improvement report, which reports on how well we are delivering our services, and how we have improved since the previous year.

Read the latest annual improvement report.